"You MATTER" ❤️

Sharing victories is easy. Being vulnerable is NOT.
Not every day do you hear about the "Failures" & "Falls" of those who are marching ahead towards their goals. But that doesn't mean they didn't face any.
Here, I'm uncovering my scars.
NOT for sympathy, but for Solidarity.
To share my message to support other women, who have survived suicide attempts. And lived a life filled with guilt and shame. Covering their scars for decades…
I PLEDGE to no longer cover my scars & I COMMIT to share my message to support & Free millions of women in India and around the world, from this epidemic.
This video is dedicated to my sisters, from across the world, to look them in eye and to say just this one thing: "You MATTER" ❤️

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Thank you 🙏🏼 [P.S: Remember, You MATTER]

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