Story of khushi Gupta

This is my story,
A story which can be relatable to all the teenagers and youngsters,
A story which can change your life and the way you think,

This story is not just a narration of 90 seconds but behind this the struggle was so real, I have experienced life and squeezed the lessons out of it…….It's so beautiful in itself.

Here is My own story- Impact challenge by @successgyanindia and I m super elated to be the part of #super100 .

It's a big thing for me to be the part of super100,
Not because I have accepted all the challenges,
it's because I m the youngest out of all the participants and It's an honor for me to challenge all of them for #super10

A big thanks to @successsuren and the team success gyan for organizing this reality show to find the best motivational speaker of India.

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