MY STORY – UNTOLD of 9 yrs in 90secs, my journey from SILENCE to RESILIENCE

We all have a story…
Tell me a mother who hasn't experienced any of what I have… Many have, many are and many will if we as mothers don't break this Generational traumas by developing Resilience.
Speaking was easy but putting it publicly wasn't…
I know I, or my husband or any of my family members will be judged, hated, taunted or discriminated….
That's what we end up doing everyday with everything.
Take a moment and ask yourself…
Were u affected by your mother's traumas her stress?
Would your life be different if your mother loved you as a happy, supportive, resourceful and dream achiever instead of dream stealer of yours too…?
Would you as a mother be okay killing your dreams, desires and happiness saying that's what mothers do…. Only to become a mother who is insecure the moment her daughter or son gets married?

We have one life to live… You matter… Even if you are a mother or be it your mother too… you and she matters. And managing the stress and developing Resilience therefore matters…

Well if you truly feel this and resonate with my story help me make it to TOP 10… Trust me it won't be my win…. It will be a win for every mother coz she has now wired to embark on the journey towards becoming Resilience…

For the happiness you long for, for the sacrifices of your mother…. I request you to cast your vote.
Coz I am driven with the Mission to help every mother move from silence to Resilience by breaking the generational traumas.

Thanking you in advance for your valuable vote and support 🙏

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