We all have it TOUGH.
All of us struggle — even Eckhart Tolle or Lionel Messi.
Right now,
– I have a fractured right hand
– I’ve got some very challenging personal issues to deal with.
– My investments need a major rework
– I have made a Video about the MOST VULNERABLE part of my life, that too on a PUBLIC forum and I am scared. AND
– I’ve been in a competition where I have been shortlisted as TOP 100 out of 40,185 people.
Do I have what it takes? Will I mess it up?

See, We all have it tough, even me & even YOU.

What I’ve learned is- it’s what you do with the struggle that will define your future.

What are you going to do with the struggles?
There are only two options:
1. Toughen up and use the struggles as motivation
2. Be weak, keep complaining, and give up.

The struggle is the beginning.

When you struggle, things can’t really get much worse. What you’re left with is nothing SO what are you going to lose anyway?

What action do we take then, when we’re struggling determines the Course of our life.
All of us have unlimited potential and we’re all struggling every day.

Once you learn to accept the struggle, embrace it and see it as a seed to something better, you’ll be well on your way to becoming someone you’re proud of.

We’re in this together don’t forget.
Peace, love, respect.

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