My Life Story

Great Stories Happen to those who can tell them
It all started at a tender age, while I was sitting by the window listening to radio and I made up my mind to be on Radio one day and I started working towards my dream, BUT I WAS LET DOWN AND MADE FUN OF.
that is when I became silent and expressed my feelings in a diary.
People called me confused, but little did they know that I was an onion, the more you peel it the more you explore. None of them understood my hunger to learn and with time, I too became a part of the rat race.
It was when I was in college when I participated in an RJ Hunt and won it, that moment, I promised myself that now I will only follow my heart and not people.
My Hidden talent of expressing through words made me write an amazon bestselling book.
I went to explore the unknown and finding myself, Today I am a media professional, an author and a tarot Coach and I help people to believe in themselves and take forward the journey of life in the most beautiful way. Always follow your heart, you might fail but if you don’t try, you will fail.
So here I am all set to do everything I want to and keep unlocking every path that my heart wants me to.

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