My Impact Story – WHY I DO WHAT I DO

4th April 2017 I held her in my arms for the first time
I was having an emotional moment
I promised her
I will always protect you I will never let anything happen to u. I will never hurt you
Little did I know that 2.5 yrs down the line that promise would be long forgotten
I was literally playing the victim card for everything, blaming others for my situation, not taking responsibility,
Then came that 1 day when I was physically ill, mentally imbalanced, and. I also had some fights with my husband
That was the day my daughter decides to be all over me
Children are energy sensitive so She quickly caught my energy and started throwing a tantrum
I yelled, shouted, cursed her, pushed her away
But she wouldn't budge
Then came that 1 moment which entirely changed my life
I couldn't take it anymore and I hit her on her head and she fell down
Immediately I realized I have committed a grave mistake.
I took her in my arms and started apologizing, not just that day but the entire week I remember waking up in the middle of the night and saying sorry to her
I literally believed that I have ruined my child's brain.
That was the moment when I decided no more blaming others, I am responsible for whatever happened to me and that day to my daughter
Today I am a child psychology coach and inner child healer and!
I am thankful to my daughter for she helped me find my true purpose in my life.
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