My breakdown to breakthrough life story

💜Breakdowns to breakthroughs! That’s my story, in as many words.

A story of feeling vulnerable, needy, desperate, not-good-enough, listless, and directionless to raising my self-esteem, self-belief & deservability, loving myself, and being enthusiastic about life!

A journey of transformation that came about with inner work and from the contribution and blessings of several close ones and mentors.

I almost developed cold feet telling my story and reliving memories!

Yet, I say it because I want you to know that struggling, surviving, then thriving – I have seen it all and I changed my life knowing that I owe myself peace and happiness!

And I want you to know that when your life hits rock bottom there is only one way and that is UP!

I’m my own magnum opus, and you can be yours!💥

@successgyanindia – thank you for this platform to share my story as #super100 in the reality show Super Speaker.

@successsuren – your pioneering effort with Super Speaker has given me the courage to say my story. Grateful!

Shoot: Abhay Lal @abhaylol
Edit: Pranav Ratra @pranavratra1

How did my story impact you?💥

Do share⬇️ to help others speak up with courage!

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