I earned my silver spoon know how?

"Born with a silver spoon in a previliged family where luxury was a neccessity….
Routine education was not my cup of tea…tried streams like science. Maths.. and couldn't get through
So at 16 started working on my skills of designing and started projects on interiors with a formal education in interior designing….
I reached the peak in 5 years my support system passed away and i lost my "Silverspoon "
I collected myself with migraines and depression and started learning from billionares around me and earned my own silver spoon…every talent in me i developed into business where i could monitize and make a happy world for me and people around me.. …
I lost my spoon 3 times but earned it back with better quality of self education….
Today i am happy iam hungry iam humble and most helpfull.

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