BOOMing Through Hell!

Ok, this was a liberating exercise, some of the things, hell most of the things I shared in this have only been known to a handful of people I have always been the kind of person who’s just been stoic about these things the good the bad the ugly. But while writing for this I kinda met myself and it was just a slice of life coz 90 seconds can’t hold The Aman Khurana Experience and I pretty much came up with 7 life-defining moments but hell week as I dub it was one of the strong ones I sincerely hope this brings some kind of value to the person watching this because for me making it definitely took me in some dark places and also showed me what a freaking badass I am #notsohumblebrag but it is what it is! Otherwise, I won’t have been “BOOMing” at my all-time lows. 😂😎
They taught me who was there who was important. People look at me and call me a success today but there are miles to go before I sleep. Because of the way my life has been enriched through personal development I have always been shocked as to why is this not mandatory and taught in all schools and colleges. And Success Gyan with their mission was in perfect alignment with my ethos. And BOOM here I am. This is my time!
Any younger version of me would be proud of the man I have become, and I can see that. So I want to sincerely thank @successgyanindia for this opportunity and for giving me my “How” you guys have no idea what you have released. This whole experience has been one heck of a ride so I want to thank you @successsuren and the whole cast of mentors @siddharthrajsekar @rajivtalreja @puja_puneet @blair.singer that I got introduced to and @jackcanfield_official and @ashishvidyarthi1 have been familiar faces in my journey. Even @theprachimayekar who I know doesn’t use this often has been a great addition.
And the fellow contestants who have become a part of my life in such a short period I can’t name everyone here because of the word limit but if you’re reading this you know I got all love for you guys. ❤️

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