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Title: Choice – Learn or Leave! Super 100 to Super 10
Author: Yogesh K Shah
Votes: 139

Views: 498
Description: Hi all, As part of @successgyanindia 's reality show Super Speaker contest I am sharing the very incident that changed the course of my life. Every small incident in life teaches you something & gives you a choice, a choice to either ignore it or use it as an opportunity to get inspired from it and do something in your life. It's upto you what you choose!! I tried to choose the latter to grow and improve myself. Every small step in the right direction has made me what I am today👣 If I can do it, so can you! All of us have faced something similar, isn't it? Go back and think what's your story? Where did life offer you a lesson and what did you do with it? Leaving you all with a quote I that inspires me to become better everyday Nelson Mandela: "You Never Loose, You Either Win or Learn " #iamsuperspeaker #speakforsuccess #impactingstories #super100 #successgyan