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Title: The Journey Of Being My Bravest Self
Author: Kavya Gupta
Votes: 299

Views: 1300
Description: As for how it's said, when it comes to protecting your family, you would fight with the whole world, just to keep them safe and no other situation can make you the bravest when you stand and fight to protect your family. Last year in 2020, I had witnessed this scenario and experienced the urge in me to not give up or cry instead stand as a shield for my parents and fight the disease till the time I could see them recover. Life has given me many tough experiences – fighting for the right career, seeing myself burning out, failing many times just to start once again, however, nothing could be as horrific as seeing your family suffer in front of you. That happiness is priceless when you see them happy and being just the way they used to be. I believe that this test of courage has made me ready for any life challenges ahead of me and as how I fought and won this battle, I am sure I would put my best fight and win the battles in my future. The harder experiences make you more determined towards your goals in life and so it has for me. My vision to help the people of my country grow and make the nation proud has actually got more firm because if I can stand up to my family in the worst times, I can definitely stand for bringing a reform in my country. Thank you for listening to my story! #iamsuperspeaker #speakforsuccess #impactingstories #super100 #successgyan