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Title: From the Edge of the Cliff to Soaring The Sky – The Story Of My Life
Author: Amrutaa Rajrrishhi
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Description: When I chose life, my life's purpose chose me.🧡 That day when I stood at the edge of the platform at the Chandi Chowk Metro Station in Kolkata, praying that the rush hour crowd would push me just in time, so that I fell on the tracks before the oncoming train, little did I imagine that I would live to see this day. But here I am, soaring high like an eagle, setting newer goals in life and marching on from strength to strength. That day, when I survived, one part of me was upset for not having the courage to end my miserable existence. Thankfully, another part had the belief that I was meant for a life worth living and not die like a pest. That realization didn't just save my life, but also helped me to make the toughest decision of my life a few years later, that of moving to Mumbai all by myself and raise my daughter alone in a new city. Battling the worst kind of misogyny at home and outside, I set up my company with that one belief, that I was enough and worthy. From walking a few kilometers everyday to save rickshaw fair to driving around in my own car in the maximum city and even become one of very few female solo drivers of India, my journey has been incredible, both professionally and personally. My life has taught me the greatest lesson, that it's only tough till you do it. I am grateful to the universe that I could find my purpose through the ups and downs that life took me through.😊 There was a day I had cried for not being able to jump on to the tracks. I remember that day, just as much as I remember another day when I had cried buckets. It was a different kind of tears though, tears of ecstasy, that flowed when I realized that I was meant to be a coach and touch many more lives. Blessed that I am born as a human being with a life that is a beautiful gift from God! If my story inspires even one person, I'll know it was worth sharing.🙏