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Title: I wish I Knew this before i turned 40 !
Author: Manjoo Shree. N
Votes: 689

Views: 3483
Description: Are you ready to hear my story?! My humble lessons in my life journey of 40 years. – I believe we create fate. life is a series of choices. One decision leads to another from bringing us moments of great joy to deep regrets. In the end, it’s up to us. We get to write our own stories. – I have made some spectacularly awful choices in my life and two good ones. Alongside giving birth to Ishan – the best decision I have ever made was to live my life with my truth. My Message to us: Every day we wake up, we have a second chance to do whatever we want to be, to whoever we want to be. The only thing stopping us is we ❤️ Thank you Success Gyan #iamsuperspeaker #speakforsuccess #impactingstories #super100 #successgyan