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Title: "You MATTER" ❤️
Author: Rupa Patil
Votes: 129

Views: 853
Description: Sharing victories is easy. Being vulnerable is NOT. 💔 Not every day do you hear about the "Failures" & "Falls" of those who are marching ahead towards their goals. But that doesn't mean they didn't face any. 🔍 Here, I'm uncovering my scars. NOT for sympathy, but for Solidarity. 🌱 To share my message to support other women, who have survived suicide attempts. And lived a life filled with guilt and shame. Covering their scars for decades… I PLEDGE to no longer cover my scars & I COMMIT to share my message to support & Free millions of women in India and around the world, from this epidemic. 🌎 This video is dedicated to my sisters, from across the world, to look them in eye and to say just this one thing: "You MATTER" ❤️ ================== ✅ If you resonate with this message… please click "Vote Now". Thank you 🙏🏼 [P.S: Remember, You MATTER]