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Title: What Can Replace The Human Connection?
Author: Manish Shah
Votes: 876

Views: 4430
Description: Nothing replaces the human connection And nothing is going to be able to take you further along, then to be able to connect with people. The message of my life is not only about being a successful retailer, a general manager, or a CEO. Its more about effective negotiation, public speaking and right body language. My life is about leading teams the right way, by serving, by never micro managing people, and by helping them grow through empowering them with the right amount of Lakshmi, Durga & Saraaswati. I cannot think of any line of work that you are not going to benefit by communicating effectively & authentically. And you can’t fake it, cause people will know. Tell you a secret – listen. Genuinely take interest in your people, your team, your customers. Look them into the eye, Listen to them, and help them. This is something my mentor always tells me – make your mess, your message. Everybody has got something – ill health, relationship issues, lack of financial independence. Fill in the blanks. That’s not the Tragedy. Its like, people don’t take the time to ask – why was that placed in my path? What am I supposed to learn? I remember 2 biggest life altering turbulences of my life in 2019, when I lost my very high paying Job pre-covid, and also encountered a property fraud worth 60 Lacs INR, and my savings tumbled for 8 straight months. I was on this event opening stage, with my new boss holding my hand, when I said this story. Sobbing like a child. When you allow yourself to be vulnerable, you are showing your strength, not a weakness. And people will thank you for it. The secret to getting ahead, is finding the message in your mess, and connecting with people. You have a mess in your life – fine – what’s the message in it? Now share it with the world. Connect with people, effectively & authentically. Success will be yours baby. Rest assured.