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Title: How I Elevated My Game In Life
Author: Nishtha Dewani
Votes: 1866

Views: 7105
Description: Ever yearned to be a better version of yourself or been bothered by low self esteem because you did not fit into socially accepted stereotypes? Ever been bothered with people's opinions of you & how different life would have been if you could have been like this…done that…had someone to guide you etc? Am sure you wonder…everyone does ! This poem penned by me & this video are a reflection of my life. I realize today that I have evolved into someone my younger self seeked as a mentor to overcome body shaming & self esteem issues. It takes courage, resolve & resilience to come out of the shadows & transform your life. Not easy but I managed to find my way out. Today, I am humbled to be able to help others break through these shackles & lead a life of ‘No regrets’. "Many times they would not say But youngsters are troubled everyday I am fat, I am skinny, I am dark & I am pimply Such strong tags they adopt so easily Their definition of beauty skewed by media Their sense of self worth defeated by the idea They need to conform to stereotypes of beauty If not, they feel they have no identity The thoughts run deep and make them weep Always hanging around like a creep The tears dry with time but the thoughts cling on They stay in the mind as they climbs ladders over time You see, impressions created so young Can have effects far-flung Its time to end the hidden sorrow Gift yourself a confident tomorrow, Take help and define Aspects that you want to refine Create an identity so strong, External forces fail to influence you lifelong Tackle the menace before it begins So that you play a confident inning"