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Title: My mess is my message
Author: Nasru Panjwani
Votes: 670

Views: 3206
Description: For more than a decade my unhealthy relationship with my parents was my mess. 💔A beautiful relationship based on unconditional love has got sour for years. ⁉️And I couldn't find any help or way to undo it. ⚠️ The best suggestions I would get are, 'It is a generation gap and unsolvable, 'This is how a relationship with parents is.' 🚫I realized it is was me as an adult blocking their love. The relationship took a new shape when I dropped my baggage and started seeing and accepting them as they are imperfect, human, and selfless. My mess has now become my message✨ 💞And I feel fortunate to help adults reconnect with parents. This is one relationship that affects every other aspect of our lives. For me, this is a sacred relationship. It is one relationship that starts when you are born and stays even when your parents pass away. This is my story of almost losing myself and finding unconditional love. Thanks a million, @successgyanindia and @sucessgyan and @successuren for the #superspeaker platform to help us discover ourselves through sharing our stories Love! Nasru Dedicated to my teachers and mentors @thaddeuslawrence @theprachimayekar @azizp191 @eckharttolle @successsuren